Young Jonn Announces Jiggy On The Road European Tour

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Chocolate City Music's multi-talented musical sensation Young Jonn is about to set Europe ablaze during his Jiggy On The Road European tour

Europe – Get ready to groove to the rhythm of excitement as Chocolate City Music’s multi-talented musical sensation, Young Jonn is about to set Europe ablaze with his electrifying beats and magnetic stage presence!
We’re thrilled to announce the  “Jiggy On The Road” tour, an European tour where Young Jonn embarks on a whirlwind of performances that promises to be a journey of a lifetime.

Young Jonn’s Rise to Stardom: A Musical Odyssey

From Captivating beats to groundbreaking collaborations, Young Jonn is continously carving a name for himself in the music industry as a trendsetter and an innovator. His unique fusion of genres has left fans across the globe craving for more, and now their wishes are about to be granted as he takes his unparalleled talent to the European stage.

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YoungJonn’s success story wouldn’t be complete without the unwavering support of his fans. This tour isn’t just about music; It’s a celebration of the incredible journey we’ve all taken together. As a token of appreciation, each tour stop will be infused with gratitude, and those signature good vibes that only YoungJonn can deliver.

The European tour promises to be a sensory explosion, with each performance being a testament to YoungJonn’s dedication to his craft. From the dazzling lights to the infectious energy radiating from the stage, every moment will leave you mesmerized and yearning for more.
Mark your calendars and get ready to witness the magic in person! The tour will kick off in style in Anterpen, Belgium on September 14th 2023, before making its way to Madrid, Spain, [Paris, France, and Dusseldorf, Germany among other vibrant destinations. TICKETS ON SALE + MORE DATES ANNOUNCES SOON.

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