MUSIC: Orinayo Femi-Akinpelu – Overflowing Joy

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Orinayo Femi-Akinpelu - Overflowing Joy (prod. Dunak Music)

Orinayo Femi-Akinpelu, a daughter of the most high God, lover of God, song writer, creative artist and language enthusiast who has a great passion for music. Her musical journey started as a little child who enjoys humming songs, singing and composing songs while playing in the house. Since then she has continued to develop her musical talent and prowess with the help of God and support of her parents.
She has written a couple of songs and she is still working on other projects. Her maiden song is being released and launched today to the glory of God. The title of the song is Overflowing Joy, inspired by the Holy spirit and produced by Dunak Music
We trust God that this song will bring overflowing joy to all the listeners and launch Orinayo to another pedestal of greatness IN JESUS NAME .
Orinayo Songstar is working on producing her album before the end of this year by the help of the Holy Spirit. Also the video production of Overflowing joy is expected to come out in the first quarter of this year by the grace of God
“Bringing Joy and the message of Christ to the world through my music is my greatest joy” – Orinayo.
Joy doesn’t come easy during trials. In difficult seasons of life, it’s easy to get carried away by worry and anxiety. In this trying times when the world is so troubled, God has given us a way out! Even in the midst of our struggles, we can experience pure joy by choosing to silence those inner struggles and trusting in the joy of the Lord to see us through as Nehemiah 8:10 says the joy of the Lord is our strength.
Christ has come to give us joy and he wants us to have it to the fullest as he has promised us in John 7:38 that out of our bellies shall flow rivers of living water.
This song brings a new lease of hope for everyone who is downcast. As u listen to this song may you continue to experience overflowing joy in your heart and in your home.
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