Interview Session With Boy Sheff

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Checkout our interview session with Waheed Shefiu Olamilekan popularly known as Boy Sheff an indegene of Oyo State

1. Let’s meet you, your real names and stage name; state of origin, where the ginger came from etc (brief profile)?

Answer: My names are Waheed Shefiu Olamilekan A.K.A. BOYSHEFF and I’m from OYO State. I started my career way back in 2011/2012 in Ajegunle precisely when I was in high school.

2. What influenced your sojourn into music?

Answer: My family contributed a great deal to influencing my music journey and my career generally. This has changed my life a whole lot and I’m grateful.

3. What genre (brand/style) of music do you play?

Answer: I mainly focus on Afro beats / Afro highlife

4. Who is or are your major influences in the music industry?

Answer: Firstly, I must acknowledge that what is currently going on in the music industry in Nigeria is highly commendable. It’s difficult to pick but artistes like 2Baba, Dagrin, Wizkid and host of others have been of immense influence to me.

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5. What is your view on African music and sounds and what do you think the prospects are?

Answer: I personally feel the African sound has that originality to it which attracts every race on this planet. You can see we have gotten massive recognition all over the world, winning Grammys and the likes. I believe we’ll get more recognition as variety of sounds and talents are being birthed and discovered everyday. It’s definitely going to be a rollercoaster for African music in the long run and I’m glad I’m a part of it.

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6. What inspired your newly released tracks Omodada and omije ?

Answer: I always have my fans at the back of my mind when I release my songs. My fans were my biggest inspiration first of all and my society generally.

7. Where do you see yourself 3-5 years from now musically

Answer: I am a work in progress and success is always going to be a watchword for me. I intend reaching a more massive fan base as I want more people to hear the sound I have to offer. I’m excited for the ride!

8. Why did you change your name from Sheff to Boy Sheff.

Answer: As an artist I work daily to improve on myself, my brand, my craft. Like I said earlier I prioritize my fans more than anything. So things that I and my team believe that’ll make the brand better and my fans happy, we’ll keep doing them. Changing my name was one of those things.

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9. Drop your social media handle handle so people can check up on you

Answer: You can follow me on instagram @iamboysheff,

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