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Big Fish Records (BFR) Is an independent music record label started by Music business man ANTHONY CHIGOZIE NWOBA aka Antwow Fisher

Big Fish Records (BFR) Is the latest music record label in town and was started by Music business man ‘ANTHONY CHIGOZIE NWOBA’, also know as Antwow Fisher.

We are a fiercely independent record label and/or distributer for artists of exceptional abilities. We assist artists, arrangers and producers in developing their talents by producing, promoting and distributing their music and helping to build their brand so they can free up time and resources to invest in their creativity. Our moto is “The recording is the most important 10%.”

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In today’s environment, it is easier than ever to have your music heard online, but harder than ever to get noticed or properly placed online. We offer the guidance and support of knowledgeable industry veterans, exceedingly well versed in artist development, production, promotion and marketing. Our artists benefit from the broad distribution channels and global reach of industry powerhouse Sony/Red. Being an Independent record label and distribution company, we can focus all of our resources on our exclusive catalog of artists and music publishing. Our top executives are meticulously involved with every aspect of our client’s development.

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We maintain a consistent level of mutual respect and attention to detail with our artists. We understand the creative process… We guide our artists, but we also listen!! In some cases we are actively involved in the music publishing and help to maximise income through proper collection efforts and placement of songs in all forms of media and advertising … Our success has taken us from film, soundtrack, TV and commercials.

We pride ourselves in maintaining close, cohesive relationships with our key executives, our artists, and our staff. It is our goal to not only develop artists, but to develop long, mutually rewarding relationships that are long term … True artist development.

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