ALBUM: K-Zaka – Kaizen (EP)

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Onkabetse Hlongwane aka K-Zaka drops Kaizen EP featuring Zaba, Rufaro, Luigi, Ekow Saxx (Ghanaian Saxophonist) Radiant Deep, Simple T & Tysha Cee

Onkabetse Hlongwane aka K-Zaka is happy to announce the release of his new EP titled  Kaizen featuring  Zaba, Rufaro, Luigi, Ekow Saxx (Ghanaian Saxophonist) Radiant Deep, Simple T and Tysha Cee  from France.

‘’I am very excited to release Kaizen and for people to finally hear what I’ve been cooking in the studio with the amazing artists I’ve worked with on this project. It’s amazing how we were all  able to be in studio and create amazing music, fusing our different sounds. “The energies in  the studio were aligned when we were recording this masterpiece,’’ says K-Zaka. 

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The name of the EP was inspired by a Japanese term, Kaizen – which represents change for  the better and continuous improvement. Every component of the EP comes from a  meaningful place as all the artists involved connected deeply with themselves when putting  it together. 

K-Zaka’s soulful and nostalgic chord progression, together with his lively production,  guarantees a musical offering that caters for both ‘groove dwellers’ as well as music lovers.  ‘’What people can expect from the project is a musical experience, futuristic sonics, and ‘feel  good’ music,’’ adds K-Zaka. 

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“I strongly believe that people will relate to the songs on the EP as this is a ‘feel-good’ project.  It is a synergy of great vocals, a catchy beat, positive lyrics and beautiful melodies. Musically,  2022 is going to be an amazing year. The next step is to collaborate on an international level from producing music for artists around the globe to performing on big stages such as Ultra, Coachella and Tomorrow Land as a DJ, taking the sound to the people all over the world.”  concludes K-Zaka. 

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