ALBUM: DatBeatGod – Beating-Heart Instrumentals (EP)

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Boomski World Accra-based producer and multi-instrumentalist DatBeatGod puts out his latest project titled Beating-Heart Instrumentals EP

Accra-based producer and multi-instrumentalist DatBeatGod has already spent years quietly shaping the music scene. From afrobeats, highlife, jazz, to rap & hip-life, DatBeatGod has been blessing his signature super-chill sound to a
number of globally successful songs, winning the hearts of music lovers in the process for his works with Acts like Kidi, Kwabena Kwabena, Cina Soul, Prince Bright of Buk Bak fame and so many more.
His latest EP ‘Beating-Heart’ made of 5 solid compositions(beats), brings his listeners into his world of serene, idyllic jazzy blend of Highlife & Hiplife, as well as HipPop and RnB influences. DatBeatGod’s beats are typically retro with modern twists & tweaks, banging drums and ambient Synths. This EP is a first-hand experience of the sounds and inspirations that influence his process of creating music, inviting listeners into his soulful soundscape.
Listen to his latest instrumental EP ‘Beating-Heart’ which was released under Boomski World, and follow DatBeatGod as he continues to take over and transform modern Ghanaian Music
Pressing Keyboards, Sounds of our Time, Nipa Bre Ma Owuo, Casablanca, Galipso
Check him out on social media: @datbeatgod
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