Africunia Record Label Unveils Talented Artist Liana Star

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We take it we are all familiar with the ocean? That is exactly how deep we see the Nigerian music industry and its uncharted depths of potential. Take a cup, a bucket, or even a tank of water from the ocean and it flops back into place like you did nothing, simply because it’s a huge mass of water body that does not run dry.

The streets of our Nigerian societies continue to produce incredible talents, super-intelligent talented youths sent into this country to not just make our daily lives easy with good music but also bring home huge awards and other global musical accomplishments for the country.

So let’s give it up for another incredible young blood from the street, a freshly signed hot female singer straight from the streets of 9ja by none other than AFRICUNIA RECORD LABEL, a newly established Nigerian record label set to fish out these hotcakes before the wind of a failed system blows them dry.

We were proud to announce Dopsy Flow a few months back and today we are also announcing the newest member of our home, studio, and company, and that’s none other than Liana Star.

Now we don’t know how that name rings for you, but it sure hits us like a lioness aiming for the stars and if you have heard this star sing you will understand why stars are left in the sky, because FYI that’s just where they “gotta” be if you ask us, and we are looking forward to taking her music as high as the sky goes for everyone to feel her shine.

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Liana Star is a Nigerian born singer and songwriter, and grew up in a strong disciplinary home, where her musical passions were a matter of debate before she broke that challenge and today she is currently penning it down hot in a music school.

Born on 25 October 1998 as Akanbi Julianah Oluwaseun in FESTAC and raised in Ikotun Lagos state Nigeria, Liana earned her musical title when she began showing great potential for music which wasn’t well received by folks around her but her incredible gift and raw cravings to do music soon got her the approval she deserves from her mom, and everyone else in her family, after she released a unique cover for Nescafe during the 2020 One Song challenge contest which led to her discovery by our Executive Secretary.

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Today we are proud to announce her as our second signee after signing a record deal with AFRICUNIA Record Label last October 2021 and believe us when we say that we are expecting a very incredible adventurous future with this one because unlike Dopsy Flow with thick records backing his music, this one came in raw and loaded and we are excited about the fact that whatever first wonder she is about to produce will be cooked and released straight from the AFRICUNIA label. The wait is almost itchy, but if we waited long enough to sign her, we are ready to give her all the support she deserves to pull off her best music with us this year, so yes we have high hopes.

Liana Star is currently growing more potential in the music school she is at present, and it won’t take till her graduation before we bring something hot from her. We can’t wait that long, we are all on edge to see what this egg would hatch, and the shell looks promising.

Stay tuned to AFRICUNIA Label, and don’t forget what our dreams are.

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We are not here to make profits from young stars just as other major Nigerian record labels have done to some known artists today. No, we aim to bring the opportunity closer to the street, our ears are on the ground, and we are ever on the hunt for talents so that we can give them the life they deserve, a home where they can make music and not be afraid of getting exploited by greedy CEOs.

So if you are out there and you feel that you got what it takes to be our next signee? Don’t wait for us, though we may still find you, but make it easy on everyone and reach out to us. If you are worth your salt, we will provide your pot to cook!

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